"Lance Larson’s masterfully executed Bloom takes us far in its short running time.  Just as the characters jump to conclusions about where they think their glimpses of the actions of others lead, we do the same.  When will any of us learn?" 

--Carolan Guerny, Indie Express


"BLOOM was a short film that definitely left a strong impression on us, mainly because of the excellent all around professional, mature quality of the film and the filmmaking - lighting, editing, directing, acting, sound, on and on...not to mention a great story that leaves the audience interested with every well framed shot.  A great work from a filmmaker that we feel is ready to take the next step up in his career....BLOOM is top notch!"

--Daniel Sol, HollyShorts Film Festival Director


"In first place, audience (and judges') favorite, Bloom, made by Dallas' own David Norman. Bloom is a great looking (technically), well-scripted (with a gut-wrenching, out-of-left-field twist ending) and nicely acted piece of cinema. Mr. Norman's little gem of a short should be seen by all."

--John P. Meyer, Pegasus News


"I'm interested in human emotions, how humans are depicted is very important for me. Short film is a visual tool to dissect those emotions, to be in the skin of the character in a limited amount of time. Lance Larson's "Bloom" is by far one of the best short films I've seen in my ten year career as a short film festival director. I found myself in the skin of those characters. He made the characters real and the story come alive complete with the last twist. Larson has masterfully crafted his skills as a great visual storyteller with incredible sensibility."

-- Seigo Tono, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Film Festival Director


"This one will throw you a left hook if you let your guard down for even a minute."

– Downtown Film Festival, Los Angeles


"Love’s labor is lost at an auto dealership when misplaced affections lead to tragedy and self-discovery. This is a modern day tragedy that ends with a twist the audience never sees coming. Beautifully shot and well crafted, this film has garnered many festival awards. A must see!"

-- Lone Star Film Festival


"Director Lance Larson takes his cue from both Shakespeare as well as Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu as he deftly shows the yearning for love and a better life between a lonely clerk and a young rent-a-cop at a tiny used car lot. Directing from David Norman’s script, Larson shows that sometimes our own insecurities can be even more of an impediment to our personal happiness than the frightening guard dogs that prowl the grounds just outside their office."

– John Wildman, Daily News AFI Dallas Film Festival


"Wonderfully written and directed , this film shocks and tugs at your heartstrings. Definitely a 5 out 5."

– Dave’s Blog


"What an interesting twist… too bad it was a short!"

– Marmaya


"Chilling. Five out of Five stars!"

– Charlie Brenner


"I must say that I was riveted to the screen. The camera work, the production design, is out of this world! It was just beautiful. But I what I enjoyed the most was your restraint. You didn't present any amateur symptoms of veiling the film with arbitrary shots or edit points in spite of the amazing production value. I love the pacing of the film and how you built up the story along with quickly setting up the characters. We were allowed to get to know the characters based on their situation and environment. I so admire that because typically your average first time filmmakers have a lot of bullshit exposition jammed downed our throats. In this case, you allowed us to experience the characters' lives rather than telling us. A GREAT SIGN OF AN INTELLIGENT DIRECTOR. In spite of the short film format, I was able to see great character arcs! The editing of course was unbelievable but it could not have happened without your meticulous storyboards being that you are an editor. And truly, editors make the best directors (i.e.Steven Soderbergh).

This is not a critique. I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed the powerhouse talent behind this film. But I respect the cinematic disciplines you applied and I applaud you. And I applaud the sincere approach to the screenplay with such an unexpected twist and gut wrenching ending. Victims of circumstance which had nothing to do with homosexuality. It was human and real.

--Julio Cedillo, Actor


A Short Film that ‘Bloomed’
"In those short 15 minutes, the audience’s eyes were glued into this suspenseful film. The movie starts with a young Hispanic woman who is eager to get out of her dead end job and make something of herself. The young woman works at a used car lot as a surveillance security guard. Her coworker - a young, attractive male - encourages her to get out and pursue her dreams.
Taking this gesture as a hint for having feelings for her, the young woman gained confidence to express her feelings for the male. With both of their eyes off of the surveillance screen during the confession of her feelings … crisis arises in the parking lot. One can only imagine what ‘blooms’ from this scene."

--Christina Hovestadt,


"One of my favorite shorts in the set, very well directed, acted and photographed. A nice twist in the end that I should have seen coming but didn’t."

– Cumba Cumba Media at NYLIFF


"Watch for this one at the Oscars. Holy crap. I loved everything about it."

– Gary, DC Shorts Reviews


"I had another look at Bloom recently, and it’s a belter of a movie mate, you defiantly deserve to be shooting a feature as your next project. I sincerely wish you all the best."

– Dan Mitchell, Director


"I loved the story and the twist and it made me wonder why they don't make films with good stories anymore. Everything is so gratuitous these days and the surprise is never there anymore. Your movie is so well written and shot, that not for a second one would expect what's about to happen next. Unfortunately, predictability is becoming the common denominator of contemporary features - your movie stands out!"

– Oana Voicu, Film Editor


"Hello, my name is Meredith King, and I attended the Indie Club Gong Show about a year ago, and your wonderful title, Bloom has still stuck in my head. I was recently telling a few of my friends about the experience, and they wished to see the film. It was a lovely movie, and I would like to be able to show it to my friends- but, unfortunately, I do not have the resources to attend the next showing of the movie.

Are you going to be releasing a DVD or a download or something of that manner in the future? I looked on the website, and it did not have any DVD or download that I could buy, nor any link to follow. I scoured Amazon and Ebay, but neither of those had anything even remotely close.

I am aware that a film like this is only truly amazing on a one-time viewing, but I would like to be able to show it to my friends, maybe watch it again myself, because it has been a year since I last saw it.

Once again, Bloom is a breathtaking work with a lovely ending, and deserves to be viewed by any good film lover.

Wishing you the sun, sea, sky and books."


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